Weekend Round-Up

Well it’s been a busy weekend on the south coast, kicking off with a supposed ‘Portsmouth EDL’ demo which ended up being dropped like a sack of hot shit by the EDL leadership after division leader and village idiot Mickey Bayliss invited every non-reconstructed Nazi in the country to come to town and throw fireworks around like monkeys flinging their own poop. For anyone looking for more details our friends over at Portsmouth Anti-Fascists have a good write-up here:


This was followed on Sunday by a long and tedious day of chasing holocaust-denying scumbag David Irving round Southampton. Now, we can’t reveal too much here because we don’t want to compromise other anti-fascists around the country who may have their own surprises in store for this vile specimen; but what we can say is that Mr Irving is (much like his hero towards the end) in a very ‘bunker mentality’. As well as planting misinformation in the local paper, Irving also attempted to change the time and location of his event at least once and sources suggest he also cancelled several bookings thinking they were us!

All in all it could have been a better weekend for anti-fascism but it also could have been a lot worse. The fascists were met with a spirited resistance in Pompey (their next demo will have to be held without travelling support – good luck lads!) and Irving was shown to be hugely on edge in Southampton, and we sure as hell ain’t done with him yet. Watch this space.

Antifascists, Keep The Faith

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