Local Racist of the Week: Rob ‘Bobby’ Brammer

Hello folks, Summer seems to be upon us and Southampton Anti-Fascists have taken a break from drinking warm cider in the sun just long enough to bring you a little segment on one of the city’s premier (brand) racists: Rob Brammer.

Bobby thinks he’s a bit of a big shot with the local EDL, mainly due to the fact that he’s the only one who can be arsed to do much more than attend pointless monthly meetings at local dive bars. This one man anti-Jihad machine gets involved with every far-right groupsicle on the South Coast, highlights include; making fools of themselves debating Islam with Muslims in Bournemouth, harassing 4 middle aged people in Eastleigh (worth it to create this crappy video) and their proudest moment; calling a man that works in a burger van a peado.

piggynoseHe also wears a pig mask a lot, because Muslims.

After having a wee bit of a rummage around on Bobby’s facebook (privacy settings, who needs em!) we discovered some slightly contradictory lifestyle choices on show…

Bobbies FBLikes: Flags with big red crosses. Dislikes: The secret Neo-Cultural Marxist/Islamic plot to take over the government.

One of Brammer’s biggest issues with Islam seems to be the misguided belief shared amongst the far-right that the religion somehow encourages or condones paedophilia. The evidence cited seems to amount to specific cases where the perpetrators happen to be have been Muslim (or often merely of asian heritage – but hey, it’s all the same to racists right!?) with no attention paid to the scores of non-Muslim paedophiles who prey on vulnerable children.

A vaguely nonsensical Brammer rant about grooming gangs (all of who throughout recorded history have been Muslims, obviously…)

Brammer’s activism around this emotive, sensitive issue is cringe-worthy to say the least. In an attempt to highlight child grooming, Bobby posted a picture of his scantily-clad teenage daughter and her friends posing in front of an EDL flag and then waited for the ‘likes’ to roll in.


We dont really know what’s more disturbing about this; the use of children to sell a racist ideology, the startling hypcrisy of Brammer’s actions or the rabid threats of violence against “Muzzie’s” that make up the majority of the comments. It should also be mentioned that a decision to use this picture rather than one of the even more suggestive ones was made, for obvious reasons.

It is a parent’s duty to try and instil good values in their children and no doubt this is what Brammer thinks he’s doing by passing on his warped view of the world but we would hope that most parents would be capable of drawing a line between their own extreme beliefs and the lives of their young children. This is not something Brammer seems to be capable of.

We’re gonna leave it there for now folks. But on a slightly lighter note we would like to ask Bobby Brammer, why do you keep taking photos of yourself urinating on War Memorials..?

We Piss Where We Want


Love & Rage
Southampton Anti-Fascists


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