“Today Chandlers Ford, tomorrow the world!” – Gary Hazel, EDL Member

On the 25th of Jan and with little more than a day and a half notice around 20 local antifascists turned up to oppose knuckle draggers from EDL groups in Bournemouth, Basingstoke, and throughout Hampshire outside the Chandlers Ford Methodist Church, despite claiming 40 Eddles only 20/25 managed to get there, even after weeks of preparation. Why at a Church we hear you ask! Well the Church had the cheek to hold an Muslim community event (so evil these people were they had a crèche!) Now in case you haven’t heard of Chandlers Ford before its biggest claim to fame is the 3rd largest Costa in Hampshire (which the cops made full use of their services cards) and having no links to ISIS. Pie ‘N’ Mash Squad and the Portsmouth fascist scene’s Jaco had been busy giving it the big one online (as always) about turning up but spent the day spamming our Facebook page that they had bailed and they were just ‘messing with lefties.’ We called horseshit on that as soon as we saw it, go where they want them lot, apparently!


As soon as we arrived we were welcomed by lots of cops! Making our way towards the EDL we were met by the Isle of Wight’s number one and youngest (50 years young) fascist Carl Worral and his mates outside a pub. Called out straight away he played dumb until he could hide behind cops before threatening to batter us all. One antifascist was nearly quick enough grab a flag off a ‘patriot’ until the police got in the way, from there antifascists were moved on by cops. Without the numbers to much else the police moved antifascists opposite the EDL. Our arrival provoked a lot of anger from within the EDL ranks, struggling to keep in time with another they chanted/yelped and jumped around like monkeys in PETA videos. One lad got so angry that he ended up getting himself bent over a bin and arrested. Stu Whitcher and Gary Hazel as well as others made threats they know who antifascists are and where they live (we can’t speak for other individuals but here at SAFA Towers we would be more than happy for them to test that!) The fact that a Church would even hold an event for Muslims clearly outraged Hazel as he was heard telling members of the Church that they were in bed with militant Jihadists. The EDL were in full tune for about 15 minutes before their lungs gave out and they started taking pictures of each other to remind themselves later of the event after all standing outside things get repetitive. Fascists then tried to hand leaflets to people driving past which were duly ignored and the local chippie when realising who they were refused to serve them chips while we tucked into pizzas (Cheers for that, you know who you are!)

lotsofcopsLots of cops

After about 45 minutes and a lot of homophobic slurs from the EDL, Police lines started moving around, it was obvious that Jaco and his mates (all 6 of them) were somewhere close and within minutes made their entrance! Faces covered and in full black (even the fascists want to be us) they ran past us, round the Church car park then past the EDL before disappearing off into the night not to be seen again! ‘We go where we want’ might be their motto but in that moment when confused police couldn’t tell who the causals were there for none of them wanted to be anywhere near us! The EDL already drunk and confused went into panic mode seeing all that black and assumed they were antifascists so booed at them!


All shit

Over the course of the next 20 minutes the EDL decided they’d defended enough of England that night and all jumped into taxis or were walked to the train station by police. We waited around for any sign of Jaco to no avail before being followed back to our transport home by cops, queue more waiting around before a scout of the area. All we saw was relaxed pigs so called it a night but it turns out Pie ‘N’ Mash spent the rest of the night going where they want only the only place they want to go to pub toilets to do cheap coke.



Sucks we couldn’t do more but with little notice at least we got numbers to oppose them! Slow start to the year but we’ll get ’em!

Love & Rage


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3 Responses to “Today Chandlers Ford, tomorrow the world!” – Gary Hazel, EDL Member

  1. Reblogged this on Brighton Anti-fascists and commented:
    Southampton Antifa on goings on in Chandler’s Ford last weekend.

  2. I have had the misfortune of coming across a few of the morons named here in my home town of Rotherham over the past 2 years, particularly stupid bunch. Keep up the good work, I’m sure you guys have the beating of these muppets, especially with a little more notice. No parasan.

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