Who The F*ck Are South Coast Resistance?

On July 2nd a bunch of extreme racists and Neo-Nazis who go by the name of ‘South Coast Resistance’ are holding a demonstration in our city. They will march under the banner “Refugees Not Welcome” with the intention of intimidating and harassing local people. We thought it would be helpful to explain the origins of the group, what they stand for, and why it is imperative to publicly oppose them on the streets.

‘South Coast Resistance’ is just the latest name for a group of far right loonies who jump on whatever issue is popular to promote their racist world view. Their journey into radicalisation began through membership in the English Defence League (EDL). Whilst they may well have already been grumpy racists in their homes and down at the local pub, the EDL gave them a voice on the streets. A more organised front allowed them to march around abusing minorities with other like-minded morons. One group that tagged along with the EDL was Casuals United, who attempted to present themselves as a united group of football firms against Muslims. The problem with this strategy was that fact that they ran into real football firms and found literally no traction on the terraces (apart from the old Chelsea Headhunters who are famed for their racism). They may have saved up all their pennies to buy Stone Island jackets but they were not a firm. After a few disasters on the tarmac they soon ditched this name. Around this time they became an embarrassment to the EDL, who eventually folded due to Neo-Nazis joining them (as if it was ever going to end differently!!). After Casuals United folded they re-branded themselves as the ‘Pie and Mash Squad’ – it’s a kind of mockney rhyming slang for Fascist…Fash…Pie and Mash…get it? They are not the brightest bunch!

Pie and Mash Squad have had limited success, but having groups around the country meant they could come together and deliver a mob that was willing to demonstrate, cause havoc, and attack lone individuals. One of their major ‘victories’ was managing to push a woman down the stairs of a tube station as she was walking alone. This is something they now pose for in photo opportunities, as if it’s their biggest ever success.

Every photo opportunity they pose to remember the time they pushed a mother of four down the steps of a tube station.

Every photo opportunity they pose to remember the time they pushed a mother of four down the steps of a tube station.

They have adopted the uniform of European neo-Nazis and tend to wear all black with skull style masks to hide their identity.

THe Pie and Mash lads getting involved with a bit of dress up round their mums house.

THe Pie and Mash lads getting involved with a bit of dress up round their mums house.


One of the main centres of support for Pie and Mash Squad is Portsmouth. There they have around 10 committed members, all of whom have come up through the ranks of the EDL to become extremist right wing thugs. Unfortunately for the brand ‘Pie and Mash’ the Pompey lot have come unstuck at various times, including at an EDL rally in Bournemouth and the time they tried to invade a punk gig. They’ve also twice spectacularly failed at attacking antifascists on the street. To avoid further embarrassment at a national level they have re-branded themselves ‘South Coast Resistance’ in anticipation of a series of racist demonstrations across the south coast this summer.

drunk members of South Coast Resistance gather behind their banner in Portsmouth in a half hearted attempt to push past the police line

Drunken members of South Coast Resistance gather behind their banner in Portsmouth in a half hearted attempt to push past the police line on 7th May 2016


South Coast Resistance have done a fair few demos in Pompey as this is their base. These have centred around supporting their council’s decision not to take in any refugees from the current war in Syria. They have protested at council meetings and tried to attack student demonstrations without success. When they held their own demo in Portsmouth last month they managed to muster about 30 people to stand around on the steps of the Guildhall. Interestingly, on this occasion they were joined by four lads with a flag bearing the name Leicester Casuals…as it was on the day that Leicester won the Premier League you can be pretty sure they are also not real casuals, and they also misunderstand the name ‘South Coast Resistance’. Brighton was another stop on their tour of fuckwittery, but so strong was the opposition that those who tried to demonstrate did not dare leave their hotel after around 500 ordinary people took to the streets to show them they were not welcome!! Later on to try and salvage some sort of street cred they posted a photo of themselves drinking at a pub as if in Brighton, but unfortunately for these hapless fascists the pub was identified as being in Bristol, woops!!

Notice the dickhead on the right throwing a Nazi salute.

Notice the dickhead on the right throwing a Nazi salute.

From what we can tell they do not have any local support in Southampton with the exception of two local extremists who usually join them on their nights out in Portsmouth. The racists are also claiming they have a ‘friendly’ pub to go drinking in after the demo, this could well be bullshit but if we do get any possible leads we will publish them. If the pub is identified we cant imagine anyone else will ever want to drink in there again!

With such a pathetic following and a terrible record for crap demonstrations you may ask why we are even bothering to confront them. The answer is very simple: when blind hatred is allowed to roam the streets unchallenged innocent people get hurt. At the last demonstration in Pompey, police sheltered them and allowed them to wander off unchecked. Due to the police protection and neglect, they were able to regroup and look for people to attack. Last year, six members of Pie and Mash Squad jumped a local Asian youth in a vicious organised assault. Despite leaving the young man in hospital, and despite all of the fash being recognised, only one of them was given a mere community service order. Three years ago when a similar EDL-backed march was thwarted in Southampton the participants went onto attack a lone Asian man on the Avenue in Portswood. Doing nothing not only encourages their confidence, it can have very real effects on innocent people.

Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the demo we will post more information about these lowlifes so keep checking back or feel free to message us should you want any further information. Southampton may well have its problems, but we are never going to let a bunch of racist wankers from Portsmouth have the time of day on our streets and in our communities. We are asking for all groups to put their differences to one side and join us until these racist pricks are out of our city. Southampton United Will Never Be Defeated, bring on July 2nd!

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9 Responses to Who The F*ck Are South Coast Resistance?

  1. Declan Clune says:

    Thanks for the info, I will be there standing alongside all anti-fascists and anti-racists in defiance of these despicable wretches! Solidarity.

  2. Sarah Cotton says:

    Shared on Twitter… will be there

  3. Alejandro says:

    Go down Saint Mary’s mouthy pricks I’ll take a one on one fight with any of u shits

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  5. Corrina says:

    Group of cowards… Hide behind masks,which says they are ashamed of what they represent. Southampton don’t need rubbish like this on the streets.

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  7. Tahmina says:

    You know you’re the lowest of the low when you resort to attacking a lone woman. Southampton is such a beautiful example of multiculturalism, it’s such a shame a few want to ruin that. I hope they get really drunk and beat each other up (like EDL used to) and then get taken to A&E down at the General where my brother, a Muslim-child-of-an-Immigrant-Doctor, will end up treating them lol.

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