South Coast Resistance! Unmasked!

Here we are going to share some information about those behind the racist group coming to our city on July 2nd (counter demo.)

We have decided to make this information available as we feel it is in the public interest to know who is behind this ‘refugees not welcome’ demonstration, and some of the things there are involved in. See our previous post for an overview of the history of South Coast Resistance as a group.

First things first – Information about the main organiser, Jade Griffiths, of ‘South Coast Resistance’ (also called Pie and Mash Squad) was shared by the hacking group ‘HS161’ yesterday following her mocking a deceased activist online. It turns out she is not from the South Coast at all, but is from Coventry where she runs a Nazi punk distribution business with her boyfriend.The whole ‘football casual’ image is a front to disguise her identity. She coined the 5 words thing Pie ‘n’ Mash squad love so much, meaning ‘we go where we want,’ but is an obvious play on the 14 words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” Hands up who sicked in their mouths as they read that!


Left: Jade, unmasked. Right: Jade at a Blood & Honour gig (an underground neo-nazi music promotion)

top night

With some others from South Coast Resistance when faced with large numbers of counter protesters at a demo they called in Brighton, went to the pub in Bristol Instead. Note the seig heil on the right there.

Jade does a lot of the organising for South Coast Resistance . When you meet some of the others you may understand why. Here follows a few faces that we know plan to make the trip and in no way constitute the whole group.

jake pat martin dave

Jake Hyland, Pat Edwards, Martin Jackson, Dave Jones


Jake Hyland from Fareham. Previous conviction for racial harassment. That skull tattoo is a totenkopf which was a pretty big deal with the SS. For more of his link to Nazism visit this post by our friends in Portsmouth


Patrick Edwards – we don’t know much about this guy but he is always there.


Martin Jackson – Portmouth’s main organiser for years. ‘Probably’ involved in the attack on the Asian youth mentioned in the last post. Been to prison twice and is more than willing to risk a 3rd despite having 3 kids …


Dave Jones. Portmouth – Links with Totton. This kid has 5w tattooed on his stomach and a Union Jack tattooed to the back of his head!!


Peter Brown – Another mainstay throughout the far right Portsmouth scene.

pompey gange james george

The Entire of The Portsmouth ‘Pie and Mash Squad.’ Back row, left to right: Unknown, unknown, Mark Jasper, Peter Brown, Martin Jackson, Mathew Woods, James George, Sam Russell. Front Row: Jake Hyland, Dave Jones, Patrick Edwards.

These are just some of the organised racists who are planning to come to Southampton on July 2nd to tell us refugees are not welcome in our city. Any more information on them is always gladly received to add to our data base of rotters and a few more faces will be published before the demo just so people can be aware of who to look out for.

Although people may find it upsetting to look at these mugs, we must stress that these are some of the most extreme people in the far right and only a mass community response will show these bonehead neo-nazi wannabe hooligans (all 25 of them) that they are well and truly not wanted in these parts. Which is good because it’s looking like loads of ordinary people are coming out on Saturday to show these scumbags that they are a tiny minority, and reassure our diverse communities that we are all there for them! Lets drown out the message of hate!






















Bonus pic for Cry ‘n’ Dash lot if you got this far!

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3 Responses to South Coast Resistance! Unmasked!

  1. Stan Dandyliver says:

    Anonymous didn’t find and blast Jade and Pie n Mash’s details… I wouldn’t normally correct but considering that’s “first thing’s first” I thought I’d give a heads up that it was HS161 (Hazard Sec) an upcoming Antifa organisation that ousted all the info. There are members of HS161 that are anonymous so you can be forgiven for that 😉

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