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  1. Hasib Khan says:

    Hi I’m from Singapore.

    I am currently in southampton and stay around Tennyson road.

    I came to visit my family staying here until 5september.

    I saw some spray paint on the wall nearby “smash EDL, support safa”.
    That statement got my attention and I googled u guys up.

    I play in a crust punk band in singapore called blinded humanity and I run a DIY record store in singapore and am highly involved in the punk n sharp skinheads scene in singapore n Malaysia n Indonesia.

    I’d really like to catch up with some events here in southampton but not managed to find any info so far on the net except for subhumans at lennon 17august.

    Any Antifa events or shows going on till early September in southampton or nearby?

    Hope to hear from u guys soon.


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