Britain First founder quits over mosque invasions which attract ”racists and extremists”

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‘Immigration Street’ coming to Southampton. Or is it..?

Tonight members of Southampton Anti-Fascists attended a meeting called by the Newtown Residents Association to discuss the fact that the makers of the Channel 4 program ‘Benefits Street’ are currently attempting to make a new program – ‘Immigration Street’ in Derby Road, Southampton.

Benefits Street aired on Channel 4 earlier this year, it was horrible.

Benefits Street aired on Channel 4 earlier this year, it was horrible.

It goes without saying that Benefit Street was nothing more than a sneering and classist attack on innocent people, which has in many cases made their lives considerably worse, whilst simultaneously providing fodder for the increasingly bigoted attacks on benefit claimants that are becoming standard media fare. It is our assertion that ‘Immigration Street’ will aim to do exactly the same, demonizing local residents and inflaming racial tensions in what is currently a relatively peaceful and pleasant area of our city. As such we stand strongly against the production and would encourage other areas to do the same.

The evening was a loud and rambunctious affair attended by faith leaders, trade unionists, teachers, community workers, families and people of every race, religion and community in Southampton. It quickly became clear that the reformist apologism of the chair was not endearing him to many people present with cries going up of “Why don’t you let them in your house?” and “You getting a cut Ali?”.

The beleaguered chairman quickly wilted and introduced Kieran Smith, Creative Director of (so-called) Factual Programming for Love Productions. Kieran was a relatively young, incredibly patronising man who repeatedly failed to answer people’s questions fully and seemed much more interested in talking about how critically acclaimed his body of work was – here’s a hint son; no-one gives a shit if you won a fancy award, you’re a parasite.

Kieran Smith, Creative Director (Factual) for Love Productions and all-round smug prick.

Kieran Smith in happier times.

During the (largely one-sided) debate it was alleged that Kieran and his goons had been doorstepping people outside a community day centre, targeting vulnerable residents and had also been seen interviewing a man with National Front tattoos. Kieran didn’t think any of this could cause tension in the area though, we were all being silly.

SAFA intends to begin mobilising against the production of this program immediately, Kieran made it very clear that he was unwilling to stop filming voluntarily so that leaves only one option; a coordinated, militant and wide-spread campaign of direction action by local residents (several of whom are existing SAFA members) and supporters to force these sleazy, bigotry-peddling opportunists out of the community forever.

Watch here for updates but in the meantime why not call Love Productions (020 7067 4820) and politely ask them why they think they’re going to be able to get away with dragging our community into their unpleasant, exploitative world?

Derby Road Militia, Coming Soon…

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Local Racist of the Week: Rob ‘Bobby’ Brammer

Hello folks, Summer seems to be upon us and Southampton Anti-Fascists have taken a break from drinking warm cider in the sun just long enough to bring you a little segment on one of the city’s premier (brand) racists: Rob Brammer.

Bobby thinks he’s a bit of a big shot with the local EDL, mainly due to the fact that he’s the only one who can be arsed to do much more than attend pointless monthly meetings at local dive bars. This one man anti-Jihad machine gets involved with every far-right groupsicle on the South Coast, highlights include; making fools of themselves debating Islam with Muslims in Bournemouth, harassing 4 middle aged people in Eastleigh (worth it to create this crappy video) and their proudest moment; calling a man that works in a burger van a peado.

piggynoseHe also wears a pig mask a lot, because Muslims.

After having a wee bit of a rummage around on Bobby’s facebook (privacy settings, who needs em!) we discovered some slightly contradictory lifestyle choices on show…

Bobbies FBLikes: Flags with big red crosses. Dislikes: The secret Neo-Cultural Marxist/Islamic plot to take over the government.

One of Brammer’s biggest issues with Islam seems to be the misguided belief shared amongst the far-right that the religion somehow encourages or condones paedophilia. The evidence cited seems to amount to specific cases where the perpetrators happen to be have been Muslim (or often merely of asian heritage – but hey, it’s all the same to racists right!?) with no attention paid to the scores of non-Muslim paedophiles who prey on vulnerable children.

A vaguely nonsensical Brammer rant about grooming gangs (all of who throughout recorded history have been Muslims, obviously…)

Brammer’s activism around this emotive, sensitive issue is cringe-worthy to say the least. In an attempt to highlight child grooming, Bobby posted a picture of his scantily-clad teenage daughter and her friends posing in front of an EDL flag and then waited for the ‘likes’ to roll in.


We dont really know what’s more disturbing about this; the use of children to sell a racist ideology, the startling hypcrisy of Brammer’s actions or the rabid threats of violence against “Muzzie’s” that make up the majority of the comments. It should also be mentioned that a decision to use this picture rather than one of the even more suggestive ones was made, for obvious reasons.

It is a parent’s duty to try and instil good values in their children and no doubt this is what Brammer thinks he’s doing by passing on his warped view of the world but we would hope that most parents would be capable of drawing a line between their own extreme beliefs and the lives of their young children. This is not something Brammer seems to be capable of.

We’re gonna leave it there for now folks. But on a slightly lighter note we would like to ask Bobby Brammer, why do you keep taking photos of yourself urinating on War Memorials..?

We Piss Where We Want


Love & Rage
Southampton Anti-Fascists


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Benefit Show

Benefit Show

We got a benefit show coming up, publish the flyer and invite your mates!

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New Street Art


So, with Christmas coming up Southampton’s local Fascists have hibernated for winter (too many pre-christmas minced pies maybe?) so apart from a couple of new EDL ‘groups’ run by the same people as every other Hampshire based EDL branch there hasn’t been much to report. Although we are sure the announcement of their next national in Slough will perk them up a bit, even if they still can’t decided when or why they want to do it! Don’t worry though, our lovely friends in Berkshire have already made a call out and we hope you will be there to support them!

In more exciting news this past week we have received a couple of emails of some street art done in our support, check it out!



They also sent these two into us for some reason! Bloody anarchists!


Oh, and we got some new stickers, just in time for Christmas. Expect to see more of them as soon as the weather gets nicer!


Love & Rage,


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Wannabe-Terrorists ‘The English Volunteer Force’ Surrender Without Style

Some of us who were involved in the founding of SAFA had one particular event in mind at the time, that was the planned October “Flag Demo” (seriously, what the fuck does that even mean, demonstrating that you own a flag!?) by EDL splinter-group The English Volunteer Force. The EVF are a predictable bunch of racists with a hard on for Ulster Loyalism (particularly the murderous paramilitary group UVF, who killed many civillians as well as Irish republicans) who have been threatening to drag their ugly mugs through Southampton since the summer.

In attendence would most likely be Southampton EDL (who recently learned how to print shit quality t-shirts and are still riding the waves of excitement), local National Front fuckwits and possibly even what’s left of the North West Infidels (not their leader ‘ickle Diddyman though who this week had to pack up his Bob the Builder toothbrush and get ready for a long stay at The Big House –

However we were dissapointed to see that the UVF appear to have cancelled their demo, all that was posted was this vague apology…

EVF Surrender

What possible reason could there be for this quiet surrender!? Lack of numbers? Fear that they might get it handed to them without travelling support? All their ‘My First Terrorist’ balaclavas got shrunk in the wash? We may never know.

What we do know is that their have been some pretty good versions of this buzzing around the SAFA office (yeah ok, Wetherspoons) including:

“It is with deepest regret that we discovered a load of shit in our pants.”
“It is with deepest regret that there are 2 of us.”
and our personal favourite…
“It is with deepest regret that my mum cooked dinner for 6 and wouldn’t let me out after.”

So boys and girls, answers on a postcard. Why did EVF cancel their demo? Answers begin “It is with deepest regret…”
The winner will recieve a special EVF-brand balaclava, one with no holes so you too can blunder around in the darkness of your own ignorance.


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Weekend Round-Up

Well it’s been a busy weekend on the south coast, kicking off with a supposed ‘Portsmouth EDL’ demo which ended up being dropped like a sack of hot shit by the EDL leadership after division leader and village idiot Mickey Bayliss invited every non-reconstructed Nazi in the country to come to town and throw fireworks around like monkeys flinging their own poop. For anyone looking for more details our friends over at Portsmouth Anti-Fascists have a good write-up here:

This was followed on Sunday by a long and tedious day of chasing holocaust-denying scumbag David Irving round Southampton. Now, we can’t reveal too much here because we don’t want to compromise other anti-fascists around the country who may have their own surprises in store for this vile specimen; but what we can say is that Mr Irving is (much like his hero towards the end) in a very ‘bunker mentality’. As well as planting misinformation in the local paper, Irving also attempted to change the time and location of his event at least once and sources suggest he also cancelled several bookings thinking they were us!

All in all it could have been a better weekend for anti-fascism but it also could have been a lot worse. The fascists were met with a spirited resistance in Pompey (their next demo will have to be held without travelling support – good luck lads!) and Irving was shown to be hugely on edge in Southampton, and we sure as hell ain’t done with him yet. Watch this space.

Antifascists, Keep The Faith

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Call Out To Counter Pompey EDL Demo: Sat 17th August

All out in Pompey next Saturday!

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

Portsmouth EDL has announced it’s intention to march in the city on Saturday 17th August.

This time they are upset as they have found out that a disused building in Portsmouth has been sold to someone who is going to turn it into an Islamic School (click link for the site). There are quite a few people who do not like the idea of private schools, or religious schools for that matter, but the fact is that if it was any other religion the EDL wouldn’t care (have you ever seen them outside a Catholic School?) – They see this as an opportunity to stir up racial tensions in our city, just another stick to beat our peaceful Muslim neighbors with. Ironically it was only a few weeks ago that they where jumping up and down over an issue with Muslim kids observing Ramadan at Charles Dickens School, but when…

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Lets find the bastard!

Lets find the bastard!

This the leaflet produced by North East Anti-Fascists which we have shamelessly edited for Southampton (thanks guys!) Print them off, leave them in the pub, stick them up (but only on your own property mind…)

We’re closing in, and boy is he gonna know when we find him.

Love & Rage,

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Holocaust Denier David Irving Coming To Southampton

Alerta Alerta!

It has been brought to our attention that the world-infamous Holocaust denier David Irving has announced that he intends to give a talk and book signing at a secret location somewhere in our city. Irving is a barely-reconstructed Nazi who has built a career on war-crime apologism (for details on this nasty anti-semite follow the links found here –

Southampton AntiFA are putting out an appeal for information regarding this event. In the past Irving has used fake or misleading names for his events when booking them (reading group, history talk etc.) to stop pissed off owners from kicking him out. Someone, somewhere has received this booking or knows someone who did and if you’re one of those people then SAFA would love to get a tip-off.

The room will probably be no larger than 100 seats and is most likely in a hotel or pub back-room. If you are aware of a meeting booked for 6:30 on Sunday 18th August in a venue matching this description then please let us know either through facebook or by emailing us at the address below,.

And if not then watch this space anyway because we will find this piece of shit and when we do we will reveal the details so you can come and help us show him what Southampton does to Hitler-Lickers. After all, what else are you gonna do on a Sunday evening!?


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